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#9.  803 Parkview Terrace, Golden Valley, MN 55416

Sarah Nettleton Architects
Sarah Nettleton, AIA

This home is an inspired blend of 18th century and modern Swedish design aesthetics -- “a delight to live in,” say the owners.  The homeowners‘ passion for books informed the roof design: two planes opening off a spine, and the bookshelves-encased window seats.  With large windows enhancing connections to the outdoors that are also private, this home is all but subdued.  We used cooler gray tones and white-washing techniques for floors, ceilings and cabinetry, beyond the brown and yellow tones typical of Minnesota homes.  The result?  Weavings by Swedish artists in color schemes of red, green and blue hues, vibrant furniture, walls adorned with Swedish quotes and materials like polished concrete floors are vibrant.  Suited for one-floor living and sited to take advantage of south light, this house has views of Theodore Wirth Park.  It has it all: good design with backbone of sustainability in the comfort of a small footprint.

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